Sunday, May 17, 2015


Yukon Fishing

Sports fishing opportunities in Canada include everything from accommodations at luxury lodges, tent camping in true wilderness locations and most options in-between. Whether visitors choose to come up in an RV and plan their own trip as they go or make arrangements with one of the top-quality fishing resorts in the area for a multi-day guided fishing trip, the fishing itself is world-class.

The Yukon river is the native spawning ground for coho, sockeye and king salmon that mature in the deep waters of the Pacific ocean. This is some of the world’s absolute best seafood that comes from the planet’s most pristine waters. Nothing tastes better than freshly caught and grilled salmon, especially when enjoyed in fresh outdoor air. Because of the Yukon’s abundance of salmon, sports fishermen usually take home plenty for the freezer to be shared with family and friends.

Canada’s thriving lakes provide ample opportunity to catch Northern pike, lake trout, Arctic grayling, Dolly Varden and rainbow trout. Adventurous fishermen consider the Yukon to be one of the best ice fishing areas in the world.

Many of Canada’s lakes and rivers are easily accessible by road, but those who desire to experience even more wilderness can opt to arrange for fly-in fishing charters. Although angling is superb in all of Canada’s rivers, off-the-road remote locations provide opportunity to see parts of the country that few people ever have the chance to experience.

For more information on fishing in the Yukon Territory, check out Environment Yukon for location of stocked lakes, descriptions of the many species of fish native to the region and information on fishing license requirements and regulations concerning catch.

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