Monday, May 25, 2015

Polar Bear Provincial Park

This park is located along Hudson Bay in the Ontario Province.  Although the name suggests that you are more likely to be some animal’s trophy than the other way round, the Canadian park has taken big steps to ensure the safety of the visitors.  For example, there are electrified fences that are graded to withstand charging elephants, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.  It’s good these are there, because permanent buildings are not available in the park, so you’ll have to rough it in a teepee while you visit.  Still, the fishing is so good, that hauls of 80-100 speckled trout are the norm, with many huge individual catches.  Since the park has an average of three hundred visitors per year, and only one hundred of them take time to fish, you also can be sure it won’t be too crowded.

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