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Canada fishing lodges

Whether you are someone that has fished with us in the past, or you got our name from a magazine or the internet, picked up a Brochure or heard about us through a neighbor or co-worker, the burning question in your mind will be why should I fish with Anderson’s Lodge in 2015 – for a return visit or for the first time?

Our previous guests know the numerous reasons, and that’s why they return year after year without even considering staying anywhere else! For those of you who have never been on a Canadian Fishing trip, how are you to know where to stay? What is the best way to decide? Lots of people sit at home with a pile of Brochures from different fishing resorts or spend hours on-line and wrestle with that exact question. Naturally, everyone wants to make the right choice and have the best fishing vacation their money can buy.

Over the past couple of years, volatility in the world money markets have affected the way we live our daily lives and ultimately may have changed how “some” shop for Ontario fishing vacations. A few may be driven to shop based on price, looking for the cheapest possible way to go. But is cheapest the way to go? We really don’t think so – cheapest is usually never the best bargain. In fact it may be no bargain at all. Don’t waste your money! For over thirty years we have built our reputation based on offering quality fishing vacations at prices known to be the best value for money in the business. Are they the cheapest? No and probably never will be. We care too much to compromise the quality fishing vacation packages we provide for you.

The following pages will give you specific details about each and every element of your fishing trip with us – it’s what we promise, it’s what we guarantee! While some things do change over the years, it is always in the best interest of our guests and their expectations of quality, professionalism and service that have built our reputation as a Premier Fishing Resort. We invite you to compare us to “any” other brochure or trip you are planning. Carefully consider every detail point by point and don’t be fooled by fancy wordings or pictures that really don’t show the whole story. A great brochure will answer most of your questions and have plenty of pictures clearly depicting the Ontario fishing lodge.

Even after going through the brochure or the website you still may have a few unanswered

questions. Prepare a full list and then call and talk to the resorts you are most interested in. They should be happy to help you and it’s a good way to check their willingness, knowledge and sincerity. Make sure the answers are clear and direct. Don’t accept roundabout or awkward answers. There should be no hesitation at any time and particularly if the response isn’t professional and friendly on the phone (regardless of the time of day) it’s probably a sign of worse things to come when you get there. If they don’t have a toll free number or if you have trouble reaching them during normal hours, you may wonder what kind of “Ma & Pa” operation they’re running and really how interested are they in customer service?

This brochure will preview Anderson’s Lodge, our facilities and services and a complete description of the packages we offer. Many components go together to make a successful Lac Seul fishing vacation before you ever wet a line! You can see how important we feel it is to pay close attention to all of those details. We know the combination of a lot of little things adds up to one BIG thing – customer satisfaction.

You will see our full American plan menu and will clearly show why your dining is the highest quality. Unlike other lodges there is no fixed menu and no fixed meal times. You can dine in air-conditioned comfort each evening between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., with no line up’s at a buffet, eating food that has been sitting for a few hours. At Anderson’s, meals are prepared fresh to your liking each evening, with choices other than the American Plan menu, served table side by a friendly, professional server. Our packages are about you and what works best for your total vacation experience.

Another nice touch adjacent to the dining room is a small cocktail lounge. A place where you can have a quiet drink and watch your favorite sports’ event on the most up to date satellite TV equipment available or if you have brought your lap top, tap into our  Wireless Internet. We feel that in spite of the fact that you are in the remote north it’s pretty nice to watch Headline News or Sportsnet or touch base with the office (if you absolutely have to)!

Make sure you pay special attention to the page featuring our cabins. All the comforts of home and totally first class compared to any Ontario fishing resort! These first class cabins extend to our Fly-In Outpost operation as well.  This past fall we invested in rebuilding both Tom’s Landing and Pickerel Narrows – now all the cabins are NEW, state of the art facilities for Fly-Ins, placing some of the most appreciated comforts of home right on Mother Natures own back door.  Our fishing vacations will always be abut providing our guests in the best, most comfortable accommodations, regardless of the type of package you reserve.

If the best cabins are not enough to convince you, take a look at the equipment that is supplied in your package. We offer two kinds of boats from the main lodge, the first is a 16′ unsinkable Lund with a new 30 h.p. four stroke Mercury engine, or if you prefer more comfort, we offer you a custom-built 21′ Bowrider with a new 115 h.p. Mercury Optimax engine and a new 9.9 h.p. four stroke Mercury trolling engine. From the Outposts – 16′  Lunds with new 20 h.p. four stroke Mercury engines. Very few camps offer choices, not to mention new motors each year.

Now let’s talk about the real deal of a fishing vacation – FISH! You can fish for 5 species, not just the two or three you find in many other places. Not to forget a choice of 9 lakes including the legendary Lac Seul! Not like other camps -choices of one or two bodies of water and they “cringe” at the thought of taking equipment to another lake for their guests convenience.

Look at the pages that feature our guests with catches from this past season and pay special attention to the list of names from the Sioux Lookout District Master Angler Release Awards Program. Most areas don’t have an Angler Awards Program let alone pay their guests’ entry fee. We even take the time to register your Ontario Angler Award Releases and have a Junior Angler Program that keeps the kids competitive. It’s about you!

Finally, look at the page featuring our guiding staff. There isn’t a team in Sioux Lookout that can begin to compare. Never mind Sioux Lookout – Ha! probably the best guide staff in Northwestern Ontario. With all of these guys working together every day on these lakes, you wanna bet they’re gonna put you on fish in a heart beat – with a “let’s get it on” attitude!

Now really for the best reason you need to come to Anderson’s …. it’s the people! The single most important asset of any operation is the people. In the past it has been said that all of the people in our operation have 4-wheel drive attitude, then a guest said hey, wait a minute … “staff at Anderson’s Lodge have an all-wheel drive attitude, there isn’t anything they can’t or won’t do to please a guest or to get the job done right”.

We are a dedicated crew who will not be satisfied with second best. We believe the key to success is doing ordinary things “extraordinarily well” and where the focus is on you and your successful fishing vacation.

There may be change that we cannot influence or drive economics the way we want it to go, however Anderson’s Lodge remains committed to and will remain competitive in the fishing vacation packages that we offer. Our goal has always been to work harder and smarter, paying attention to what is best for our guests. Quality accommodations, custom-built quality equipment, professional staff, the most flexibility when it comes to choices of lakes, species to fish for, choices in meal times and choices from a menu – just ask our guests (see testimonials page ) we define the “WOW” factor in a fishing vacation!

We charge in Canadian dollars and pay our American guests a fair rate of exchange on their dollar – something we have done for almost 40 years!  If you are comparing package pricing, pay close attention to the fact that many of our competitors have their rates in U.S. currency, effectively pocketing the high exchange rate rather than passing it on to customer where it belongs! Really, are they taking care of you or taking care of themselves?  We have illustrated our package rates in Canadian dollars and show the approximate cost in U.S. funds, based on a stronger exchange rate.  But guess what? For our American guests, the U.S. dollar is starting to  regain some strength (at the time of editing this page in mid November .14 cents on the dollar) and as we anticipate it getting stronger we will continue to pay a fair rate of exchange, giving you added value for your dollar!

Unlike many lodges, we do accept cheques  ~ both personal and company, travelers cheques, cash and credit cards – Visa and Mastercard.  These choices ensure complete flexibility and convenience to our guests, allowing them to pay in whichever currency and by whatever means they choose.  Do other camps offer you choices?  We think not!

It’s no secret that we are in times of change – change these days means increased costs of insurance & hydro, rising gasoline prices, rising food costs and a marketplace trying to position itself in a global economy !  Despite these changes Anderson’s Lodge continues to work hard for our guests and as usual, providing first class fishing vacations priced without question – the best value for your money in the industry!
Located in Sioux Lookout, Ontario we specialize in Canadian Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout & Musky Fishing Trips!

Package Plans include fully guided American Plan, Ontario Fly-in Outposts to the legendary Lac Seul & Tully Lakes, Housekeeping, American Plan Bear Hunts & American Plan Moose Hunts.

For over 30 years, Anderson’s Lodge in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada has been the ultimate Canadian Fishing Lodge for world class Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Musky fishing trips.

What sets us apart and makes Anderson’s Lodge in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada a premier Canadian Fishing Lodge is the quality Canadian fishing experience we provide our guests for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Musky.

Expect a terrific Ontario fishing vacation experience from Anderson’ Lodge in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada angling for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Musky.

Lac Seul, Minnitaki Lake and six other lakes we fish in Sioux Lookout Ontario Canada produce a world class fishing vacation experience for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Musky.

Anderson’s Lodge is a Canadian Fishing Lodge in Sioux Lookout Ontario Canada where world class Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Musky fishing awaits your next cast! Choose from a variety of fishing vacation packages that provide quality and comfort, choices and flexibility. We invite you to give us a call to reserve your next Ontario Fishing Trip.

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